A collaboration Project of Tongji University and Designskolen Kolding for Expo Shanghai 2010 during my erasmus term in Denmark and China.

In China bicycles have been very important in the past and still are today. I was impressed by the masses of bicycles in Shanghai. So the idea evolved to develop a concept for Expo Shanghai where bikes play the main role. The Expo area is incredible huge. It is devided in different zones (A, B, C, D and E). Walking from one end to another takes quite a long time. Besides, wayfinding on such a spacious area is not the easiest task. The "Navilight" concept combines transportation and wayfinding in an enjoyable and experimental way.
The bikes are equipped with a GPS and a compass module to identify their position and their moving direction. There are light bars built in the bike frames which can glow in different colors. Based on the location data the light color gives the rider information about the riding direction (e.g. zone A is green) and the distance to the next zone. In each zone there is a meeting point which shows the directions to the specific pavillions and attractions within that zone. Since the lights are very bright they also serve as direction guide for other visitors on the Expo ground.